Raised in the port of Le Havre & the streets of Paris, French photographer Sandrine Lee has lived in NYC since 1995. She has worked as an actress on stage and screen, eventually migrating behind the camera. Primarily self-taught, she has created a successful commercial career in print, and is known in the music world as an exclusive & respected NYC portrait artist. Her work has been featured in numerous publications, including covers and features in Bass Player Magazine, Jazz Life & Glamour. Sandrine’s album art is featured on multiple Grammy Award winning album covers.

“I don’t take photographs, I give my visual interpretation of a moment or a person. I’m a giver not a taker.
A few angels of beauty bring their talents to my shoots. My favorite and, luckily, most frequent partner is Cassie O’Sullivan.

Being a bit antisocial, you won’t find me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin or Flicker, but you can email me at

My artistic work will now be published under my artist name, Nu Som.

For information on upcoming shows and publications, check out